Monday, August 4, 2014

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I hadn't mentioned it yet but I have started a new blog. Go and take a look, you can follow me by my new blog.

-xx Zeynep

Friday, December 20, 2013

nothing to say

Sometimes im confused, the question I ask my self is 'What do I want?'
I believe that 'almost' no one clearly knows the answer. Today my holiday began. Im of for two weeks and I have no idea what to do, actually I may know. Exams are coming and I have a plenty of homework to do. But the problem is I don't want to do anything. Im sitting on the bank watching MTV but I do not really care whats on tv. And now, what do I have to do? It's really a shame, or may not, that I havent look for such a long time on blogger. In the past, it was the best way to fulfill my time and really enjoyed it. The problem is that I almost never have time to write anything and if I have time I just don't do it. No idea why. However, here I am writing a message for my blog.

Maybe you are interested what I did with my life in the past decades. I'm still studying in Amsterdam the same study and the same lifestyle. My motto didn't change during the time, enjoy each minute of life when its possible. I met lots of people and so on build new relationships as destroyed old ones. Thats how life goes on. However enough blabla.

I will show you some moments of the past periodes maybe it wil show a more clearer overview about my past period.

So here he is, my buddy. It's still a crazy dog but it is absolutely my best friend. This year he made me laugh so many times. 

I had a lot of crazy times with my friends

Sometimes I got frustrated by life,

But then I remembered my great friends, and went out for a couple of drinks in the pubs of Amsterdam

I have also visited some places, one of them was Portugal, Lissabon

Sometimes I got retarded and ate a lot of fastfood due to the BK on my way from the subway to school

Went to the Kingsday festival on 30-04

I have also visited my dad in Istanbul

Enjoyed my time with my mom

Got totally crazy of my exams

Partied some more with my friends

Dressed up for THAT party

Went to some more festivals

And went to Portugal again, but this time to Albufeira and in the summer period

Had a great time there, and one of my new experiences was jetskying. 

No need (I think) for any more descriptions for the last pics

And then it was my birthday

So this was shortly what happened in the last period 

I hope that I can post some more soon

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A day in Paris

Hii guys

Haha I still need ged used to write messages for my blog,
but I have an excuse I was in Paris for the last 2 days =)
I havent all the pics now, I will show them when I get them.

I have seen my daddy there  and had a great time. I arrived in paris before my dad arrived with his friends so I went alone on the street to walk. I went to  Montmarte, Moulin Rouge, and Sacré Coeur.
It was great to walk in my own in paris. The people were so kindly and everybody was smiling .
There were great street artist who made beautiful portraits.

I went to L'opera with my dad and other places. The hotel was near by the Eiffel tower so I have also visited the Eiffel tower at day and night 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From the start

So I will start telling the story from the start, as I told there have been happened a lot of things during the period that I haven't wrote massages. 

One of my biggest surprise is , I guess my tattoo =) I tattooed before my last 2 or 3 exams of the last year. Lucky, because I'm still happy with it. Hope during my hole life or I need to remove it by laser. 

This is my tattoo, Sorry but I can not find a better picture. I have a new laptop(finally my macbook) and there are not a lot of pictures yet. I will import my picture on my macbook soon. 

I'm sure that a lot of people are curious about the meaning. The first reason for me to get a tattoo was to improve my self to me. That I can make my own decisions without getting regret of it. Happy me cuz I'm still happy with it. As you can see is my tattoo a dried dandelion with birds. So the both parts have their own meaning
  • Dried dandelion : remember's me to my childhood , when everything was pure. 
  • Birds: Freedom !
The second thing what happened was my graduation. I have finally finished my high school and now I am a student. I am studying International Business and Management Studies as I would and told you in my  last massage. I am really happy with my study. The only doubt is my english. I have still some trouble with my english, even though I am studying in english. All my lessons are well except my english lessons. I failed but luckily I can resist them begin next year.

And now my biggest love my puppy Alex! He is my world, my love just my everything! I am really in love with him. I will show him with pictures during his growing stage and he is still not full grown.

This was it for now.

Till the next massage !

much of loves Zeynep

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Back again?

Hiii guys!

I'm sorry I haven't wrote massages for a while.... But I have good reasons for it , I was to busy whit setting my life on rails.There have been happened a lot in my life. Now I am no longer more together with my ex bf but I am happy with it. Need to go further with my life. It was a kid love story but now we are getting grown ups I believe. I have met a lot of new people the last couple of months.  Now I am student at Hogeschool van Amsterdam and studying International Business and Management studies as I had desired. And I have a puppy! He is born at 22 april 2012 and now 9 months old. It's an American staffy w/ Rottweiler =D its a huge beast and my baby =)

I hope that I can make time for blogging cuz I missed it, I have also a question..
What's better

  • making a new blog account
  • Get this one updated 
Probably it will the second choice but not sure yet, I would like to hear your opinion =)

This is my baby =) 

 And this is me as you probably can remember =)

Can't wait of hearing from you!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lets play ;)

HI guyssss,

I had met some friends of me of my primary school.
I hadn't seen some of them for a long time
It's was really nice to met them again after a (little) period
We had a greet time together, have made some pics and talked about former times
hahaha, so much funny things where we can laugh about!

All the craziness of the primary...
We had a little club together and everyone had a nickname 
the nicknames were the sounds of animals (of course your favorite) 
I wanted to be 'waf' that was the dog but an another friend of me had that animal
so I had to thought an another one, at that time I had dogs and fishes
soo my nickname was 'BLUB' hhahaha

So here are the photos of that day that I would like to show you 

I was wearing:
Shoes : Converse (all star)
Shirt : Primark
Pants: LCW
Belt : Pieces
Necklace: Bijou Birgite

These girls are great!
I hope that you also have so great friends all them =)
I wish all a happy eastern weekend!

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