Thursday, January 31, 2013

A day in Paris

Hii guys

Haha I still need ged used to write messages for my blog,
but I have an excuse I was in Paris for the last 2 days =)
I havent all the pics now, I will show them when I get them.

I have seen my daddy there  and had a great time. I arrived in paris before my dad arrived with his friends so I went alone on the street to walk. I went to  Montmarte, Moulin Rouge, and Sacré Coeur.
It was great to walk in my own in paris. The people were so kindly and everybody was smiling .
There were great street artist who made beautiful portraits.

I went to L'opera with my dad and other places. The hotel was near by the Eiffel tower so I have also visited the Eiffel tower at day and night 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From the start

So I will start telling the story from the start, as I told there have been happened a lot of things during the period that I haven't wrote massages. 

One of my biggest surprise is , I guess my tattoo =) I tattooed before my last 2 or 3 exams of the last year. Lucky, because I'm still happy with it. Hope during my hole life or I need to remove it by laser. 

This is my tattoo, Sorry but I can not find a better picture. I have a new laptop(finally my macbook) and there are not a lot of pictures yet. I will import my picture on my macbook soon. 

I'm sure that a lot of people are curious about the meaning. The first reason for me to get a tattoo was to improve my self to me. That I can make my own decisions without getting regret of it. Happy me cuz I'm still happy with it. As you can see is my tattoo a dried dandelion with birds. So the both parts have their own meaning
  • Dried dandelion : remember's me to my childhood , when everything was pure. 
  • Birds: Freedom !
The second thing what happened was my graduation. I have finally finished my high school and now I am a student. I am studying International Business and Management Studies as I would and told you in my  last massage. I am really happy with my study. The only doubt is my english. I have still some trouble with my english, even though I am studying in english. All my lessons are well except my english lessons. I failed but luckily I can resist them begin next year.

And now my biggest love my puppy Alex! He is my world, my love just my everything! I am really in love with him. I will show him with pictures during his growing stage and he is still not full grown.

This was it for now.

Till the next massage !

much of loves Zeynep

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Back again?

Hiii guys!

I'm sorry I haven't wrote massages for a while.... But I have good reasons for it , I was to busy whit setting my life on rails.There have been happened a lot in my life. Now I am no longer more together with my ex bf but I am happy with it. Need to go further with my life. It was a kid love story but now we are getting grown ups I believe. I have met a lot of new people the last couple of months.  Now I am student at Hogeschool van Amsterdam and studying International Business and Management studies as I had desired. And I have a puppy! He is born at 22 april 2012 and now 9 months old. It's an American staffy w/ Rottweiler =D its a huge beast and my baby =)

I hope that I can make time for blogging cuz I missed it, I have also a question..
What's better

  • making a new blog account
  • Get this one updated 
Probably it will the second choice but not sure yet, I would like to hear your opinion =)

This is my baby =) 

 And this is me as you probably can remember =)

Can't wait of hearing from you!

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