Friday, December 20, 2013

nothing to say

Sometimes im confused, the question I ask my self is 'What do I want?'
I believe that 'almost' no one clearly knows the answer. Today my holiday began. Im of for two weeks and I have no idea what to do, actually I may know. Exams are coming and I have a plenty of homework to do. But the problem is I don't want to do anything. Im sitting on the bank watching MTV but I do not really care whats on tv. And now, what do I have to do? It's really a shame, or may not, that I havent look for such a long time on blogger. In the past, it was the best way to fulfill my time and really enjoyed it. The problem is that I almost never have time to write anything and if I have time I just don't do it. No idea why. However, here I am writing a message for my blog.

Maybe you are interested what I did with my life in the past decades. I'm still studying in Amsterdam the same study and the same lifestyle. My motto didn't change during the time, enjoy each minute of life when its possible. I met lots of people and so on build new relationships as destroyed old ones. Thats how life goes on. However enough blabla.

I will show you some moments of the past periodes maybe it wil show a more clearer overview about my past period.

So here he is, my buddy. It's still a crazy dog but it is absolutely my best friend. This year he made me laugh so many times. 

I had a lot of crazy times with my friends

Sometimes I got frustrated by life,

But then I remembered my great friends, and went out for a couple of drinks in the pubs of Amsterdam

I have also visited some places, one of them was Portugal, Lissabon

Sometimes I got retarded and ate a lot of fastfood due to the BK on my way from the subway to school

Went to the Kingsday festival on 30-04

I have also visited my dad in Istanbul

Enjoyed my time with my mom

Got totally crazy of my exams

Partied some more with my friends

Dressed up for THAT party

Went to some more festivals

And went to Portugal again, but this time to Albufeira and in the summer period

Had a great time there, and one of my new experiences was jetskying. 

No need (I think) for any more descriptions for the last pics

And then it was my birthday

So this was shortly what happened in the last period 

I hope that I can post some more soon

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