Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lets play ;)

HI guyssss,

I had met some friends of me of my primary school.
I hadn't seen some of them for a long time
It's was really nice to met them again after a (little) period
We had a greet time together, have made some pics and talked about former times
hahaha, so much funny things where we can laugh about!

All the craziness of the primary...
We had a little club together and everyone had a nickname 
the nicknames were the sounds of animals (of course your favorite) 
I wanted to be 'waf' that was the dog but an another friend of me had that animal
so I had to thought an another one, at that time I had dogs and fishes
soo my nickname was 'BLUB' hhahaha

So here are the photos of that day that I would like to show you 

I was wearing:
Shoes : Converse (all star)
Shirt : Primark
Pants: LCW
Belt : Pieces
Necklace: Bijou Birgite

These girls are great!
I hope that you also have so great friends all them =)
I wish all a happy eastern weekend!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Everyday have a new challenge

Hi guys,

This week is a freaky school week for me...
Almost all my lessons are canceled, I have/had this week only 9 hours ( I have the last one tomorrow)
and my exams are moving nearly 
So I hope that everything will goes all right..

As some have read earlier in a post of me, I have big problems with my English
It isn't on the right grade that I need
So my new challenges are watching so much as I can English TV programs and reading the newspaper (of course in English)
Just a few minutes ago I have watched a documentary about the woolly mammoths
It was really an interesting documentary

So that was that about my challenges for school (for now)
No I want to tell and post you some pics of what I was wearing today
The pants what you can see on the pics is a really old one
I had ever bought it in Germany, approximately 3 or 4 years ago
In the beginning ,when I had bought it,  have I wear it a lot of times
But I haven't wear it now for 2 years
And after this long time, have I wear it again today
I was almost forgot him...

I was wearing:
Shirt : Mango
Belt: Esprite
Pants: Unknown
Boots: Timberlands
Jacket: Colin's

btw, I have joined instagram a couple days ago if you want to follow me:
Is mine account name =)

Till the next time (whit new challenges? ),

Sunday, April 1, 2012

18th birthday of a good friend

Hello guys =)

A good friend of my went 18th some weeks ago and had given a party (also some weeks ago) but I was forgot to share te pica so , I think this is a good moment :) 

She had given a party with the theme : sexy chic
I had bought a dress in the sale (ever that I can't remember) and thought that I can wear that :) and had wore it

Here are the pictures

I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, they were token with my phone

I was wearing:

Dress: Jane Norman + Shoes: 5th Avenue + Necklaces : From a jeweler 

I hope you like the pics =)
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Have a great life!