Thursday, April 5, 2012

Everyday have a new challenge

Hi guys,

This week is a freaky school week for me...
Almost all my lessons are canceled, I have/had this week only 9 hours ( I have the last one tomorrow)
and my exams are moving nearly 
So I hope that everything will goes all right..

As some have read earlier in a post of me, I have big problems with my English
It isn't on the right grade that I need
So my new challenges are watching so much as I can English TV programs and reading the newspaper (of course in English)
Just a few minutes ago I have watched a documentary about the woolly mammoths
It was really an interesting documentary

So that was that about my challenges for school (for now)
No I want to tell and post you some pics of what I was wearing today
The pants what you can see on the pics is a really old one
I had ever bought it in Germany, approximately 3 or 4 years ago
In the beginning ,when I had bought it,  have I wear it a lot of times
But I haven't wear it now for 2 years
And after this long time, have I wear it again today
I was almost forgot him...

I was wearing:
Shirt : Mango
Belt: Esprite
Pants: Unknown
Boots: Timberlands
Jacket: Colin's

btw, I have joined instagram a couple days ago if you want to follow me:
Is mine account name =)

Till the next time (whit new challenges? ),


rach. said...

hey girl! i'm having a giveaway for some wonderful extensions going on. i think that you will LOVE them. :) check out my latest post if you get the time! :)

love, rach.

Anonymous said...

cool photos

Kiymetle Küçük Şeyler said...

canim benim
ne guzel kareeler oyle:D
civil civilsin masallah
sinavlar yaklasiyor,
basarilar sana ! ingilizce icin bol bol kitap oku... faydasini gorceksin;)
Optum kocaman!

Psycho Cat said...

Nice and casual, your hair is gorgeous :)

Ana said...

Love your jacket ;)

just me said...

looking great. if you want we can follow each other :)

Deadly Inlove said...

Oh, such sweet pictures, soo cheerfull! I love white pants, but I'm soo messy and dirty I would never wear them :D

Following you :)

jakosan said...

nice outfit ;)
thanks for the comment!

xx teenj

Rockstar by me said...

Beautiful pics


Veronique said...

Love your outfit!!

Halcyon fashionista. said...

Nice outfit!

want more fashion said...

patolonunu cok begendim.. sanirim bende krem rengi pantolonumu dolabimdan cikarmaliyim kombinlemeliyim =)

Melis Kıyıcı said...

ilk fotoğraf çok güzel enerjinin hep böyle sürmesi dileğiyle! :)

Lyanne said...

Wat een mooie outfit!