Friday, November 25, 2011

School exams

Hii dear readers,

I don't say sorry anymore..... I haven't sent a new message for a long time again... I know I know, that's really bad of me. But I have a good reason for it, I have my period exams. This period I have totally 8 exams I have passed 6 of them and 2 to go at Monday one and the other on Thursday.  My mom is since a time back, in my last post I had told you that she would come back from her holiday (city-trip) from Istanbul. I would choose the nice photo's and publish them soon. She have also brought some gifts for me I would also like to publish them =). I'm really that she is back because I had missed her.
I was busy with studying but I have made some photo's of what I was wearing. I will show you my outfit of  yesterday first, the other outfits will also come soon! So now some images of my outfit of yesterday + some shots of my room =)

I haven't wear the hole week make-up...
I went to sleep like 0.30am and wake up at 06.40am I study really hard for my exams that's the reason why I hadn't time to do my make-up.

Probably you can see that i'm 'crying' for sleep.

candles candles and more candles.... I like to see burning candles when I'm studying, oké the truth is that I stare and look the hole day to the candles but that not the point =D

For my feeling , I like young here like a child.. 

Blouse: Mango
Belt: Mango
Legging: H&M
Shoes: Minetonka

Thank you for reading !

Friday, November 11, 2011

10 Kasim: Atatürk(um)

Hi everybody,
I hadn't time to post yesterday so I want to make a place and give attend for a very important occurrence in Turkey. Musta Kemal Atatürk the maker of the Republic Turkey had lost his live in Dolmabahce Palace at 9.05 am, 71 years ago. 10 November is the date that hole Turkey thinks back to the biggest ancestor ever. Atarürk means a lot for Turkey because of him are the women walking how they want and because of him can women do what she want and a lot of more things (not only for women) for hole Turkey.
At 9.05 am goes the sirens on and all the live stops for 2 min and they will stop for getting a respect movement.

Today is a kind of Halloween in my city. I want to send you photos of it soon.
I also want to send pics about what I had wear last day.

 Some days ago I say that it wasn't so cold for this season but the weather is changed. It's now really cold. They say that it would be rain next week. So probably you will white pics soon =)

I had told you that I had bought 2 pairs of new shoes the one I had showed you two post ago. This are my other pair of shoes. 

I would like to hear your idea about my shoes.

Sometimes when I enjoy the moment I close my eyes to feel it better.

As I say I would post your the pics of kind of Halloween for you and give an explanation about it soon.

Shirt: Mango
Pants: LTB
Shoes: Sacha
bracelet: Six 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One shoulder I'm actually freezing but shhht =)

Dear ....
The weather in Holland is still not cold like normally. Normally is the weather to cold in this season but this year (I think) we will have a late winter like the late and short summer of this year. So you don't need to wear to much thing on each. Be attend to my words because I say it isn't to cold for this season but it is really cold for me =(. The weather man's says that would be the coldest year in Holland. They have also say that it would be like -20 grades Celsius so that means that this will be my end.... So if you hear on the news that is frozen in Holland, there will be a chance that I never gonna write because I will be frozen... No I'm just joking but I really don't like cold weather. 

It's Bayram(feast)  these day's I will wish everybody a pretty Bayram (feast). I usually don't celebrate it because all of my family are live in Turkey or Bulgaria. But my mom knows some grandma's here that had invited us for the breakfast of day 1. We went there and I was wearing the next.

I have decided one thing in my live i'm a really shoe freak. I cant live without them. And I'm also careful with my shoes.  Those suede shoes were be dirty after a party so I had mad all my suede shoes clean. That was a good intention of me ( I think). First I had breath all my shoes and after sprayed with two different sprays. Now are all my suede shoes looking like new.

My mom flied to Istanbul with a friend for a city trip yesterday. She will come back on Saturday. I'm really excited to hear the stories and see the pics that she will/have made on her trip. She have lived in Istanbul a few years ago but never really got to the touristic stuffs. I will put some pics of her trip on blogger.

Blazer: Alemdar
Pants: Pieces
Blouse: Unkown
Shoes: 5th avenue
Clutch : Calvin Klein
earrings: six


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Busy saturday

Hii lovely readers,

I had a busy day yesterday. I get up early to went Amsterdam in the morning . I went to HvA/HES school and visited some programs. When I was back in my own town I went to shop and to the cinema in the evening. I want you first tell something about (maube) my school in the future. And as least I want to give you a film review from IN TIME with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfriend as protagonists.

As I say I had been went to a kind of university (hoge school) in Amsterdam. I'm doing my last year from my high school now. Wherefore I must to look to universities. I went to the UVA last week and to the HVA this week. I have attended some different studies almost all of them are international studies. I want do a international study ( of course in English) next year. I am doubting between two different studies at the moment between International businesses and management studies (IBMS) and International Management. But I have one big problem for doing this studies you must to pass your English with at least a 8 and I had close English with hard learning a 7 last year. English is really difficult for me. So that means that I must to study harder.

And now what I had wore yesterday

My new shoes, I'm really happy with them ( I have yesterday also bought a other pair of shoes I will show them soon )

Blouse: Esprite
Pants: LTB
Gilet : glamorous
Shoes : Davos Gomma

And at the end of the day I went to the film In Time with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. It was an absorbing film. While the people in the ghetto were working for living a minute longer were the rich people (in GreenWich if I remember the right name) just living from there times. If you were rich you lived forever and if you hadn't money you will died in a short time after your 25th birthday. The most beautiful thing was that you never get older then 25. You will be young forever if you can life of course forever. It made me open my eyes AGAIN that money is one of the most powerful things ever. No I mean not one of it is the most powerful thing on earth to survival. I recommend you to watch the film. For me it was a great movie with strong moral.  

If you have any questions about the film or else you are welcome to ask me =)

Much loves of me to all 

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Haloo gays, 
Sorry that I post so few the last times. It is because the earthquake and other thing in Turkey I hadn't the passion to write and make photos. But now I feel me better and like to post more . By the way I had vacation last week if you have any question about it I will hear it from you =)

I am looking like uhh hihi.....  

Just keep the delight 

The first time that I have wore them, my shoes are comfortable. Happy me =)

till the next time my lovely readers

Pants: LTB
Shoes: Unknown (from Bulgaria)
Poncho: Unknown =D
Blouse: Esprite
Bracelet : Superstar