Friday, November 11, 2011

10 Kasim: Atatürk(um)

Hi everybody,
I hadn't time to post yesterday so I want to make a place and give attend for a very important occurrence in Turkey. Musta Kemal Atatürk the maker of the Republic Turkey had lost his live in Dolmabahce Palace at 9.05 am, 71 years ago. 10 November is the date that hole Turkey thinks back to the biggest ancestor ever. Atarürk means a lot for Turkey because of him are the women walking how they want and because of him can women do what she want and a lot of more things (not only for women) for hole Turkey.
At 9.05 am goes the sirens on and all the live stops for 2 min and they will stop for getting a respect movement.

Today is a kind of Halloween in my city. I want to send you photos of it soon.
I also want to send pics about what I had wear last day.

 Some days ago I say that it wasn't so cold for this season but the weather is changed. It's now really cold. They say that it would be rain next week. So probably you will white pics soon =)

I had told you that I had bought 2 pairs of new shoes the one I had showed you two post ago. This are my other pair of shoes. 

I would like to hear your idea about my shoes.

Sometimes when I enjoy the moment I close my eyes to feel it better.

As I say I would post your the pics of kind of Halloween for you and give an explanation about it soon.

Shirt: Mango
Pants: LTB
Shoes: Sacha
bracelet: Six 


Linda said...

Great outfit! Love those wedges!

The Style Moodboard

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Great look! I love your shoes! I am following you now. Have a lovely weekend. <3<3

ANGELA said...

For my summer holidays i been in Istanbul and it was great...I love Turkey and i can speak a little;)I know about Ataturk...He was a great man!!!
I love your outfit...your wedges are amazing:)Much love:):)

Live life glamorous said...

Girl your hair is amazing!!

the sparkling dust said...

amazing shoes hun! it's really cool and you have such a beautiful hair!

BeSugarandSpice said...

You look amazing!!Lovely shoes!!Kisses!

Mitha Komala said...

hey dear! been missing you a lot :) omg i really love your shoes, great choice dear! <3

MIRIAM said...

Woooowww...This look is so nice! i like your shoes...and especialli your hair! :-) Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you !!!

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Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

your shoes are AWESOME! love the subtlety of the leopard print on the its wedge..<3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Melissa Tchieu said...

Really loving those boots!!

following u ;)

Judith. said...

wat een leuke foto's! ik ben meteen verliefd op je schoenen hahah!

bedankt voor je lieve reactie:) ik ga jou ook volgen.

p.s. die ring is van de h&m. nu zelfs in de sale in de online shop!xx

Lidiya said...

You look gorgeous, I love your boots <3

Costin Moraru said...

awesome shoes. the whole outfit looks amazing! you have a great blog! hope you'll visit mine as well, and if you decide to follow me i'll make sure to follow back!

All best wishes,
Costin M. |

Clara Turbay said...

You are so luck with your great taste and style.

Rixt said...

love your hair & outfit!

ESRA said...

çok cici;)

BeTwin Us said...

Bootie’lerin wedge kısmının leopar olmasına bayıldım, çok çarpıcı duruyor canım! :) sen çok hoş, casual kombinlemişsin ama bu wedgeler krem bir şifon gömlekle de çok yakışır eminim sana :)))

BeTwin Us

Bolat said...

Renkler ayakkabılar harika :)

ஐ : ) STİL DİREKTÖRÜ ( : ஐ said...

kuzum 25 kasım nerdesin sen iyisin değil mi mucx

Anonymous said...

I love simple outfits! They always look perfect and they can't be bad!


özge bayrak said...

güzel kombin olmuş,bootielere bayıldım!