Friday, November 25, 2011

School exams

Hii dear readers,

I don't say sorry anymore..... I haven't sent a new message for a long time again... I know I know, that's really bad of me. But I have a good reason for it, I have my period exams. This period I have totally 8 exams I have passed 6 of them and 2 to go at Monday one and the other on Thursday.  My mom is since a time back, in my last post I had told you that she would come back from her holiday (city-trip) from Istanbul. I would choose the nice photo's and publish them soon. She have also brought some gifts for me I would also like to publish them =). I'm really that she is back because I had missed her.
I was busy with studying but I have made some photo's of what I was wearing. I will show you my outfit of  yesterday first, the other outfits will also come soon! So now some images of my outfit of yesterday + some shots of my room =)

I haven't wear the hole week make-up...
I went to sleep like 0.30am and wake up at 06.40am I study really hard for my exams that's the reason why I hadn't time to do my make-up.

Probably you can see that i'm 'crying' for sleep.

candles candles and more candles.... I like to see burning candles when I'm studying, oké the truth is that I stare and look the hole day to the candles but that not the point =D

For my feeling , I like young here like a child.. 

Blouse: Mango
Belt: Mango
Legging: H&M
Shoes: Minetonka

Thank you for reading !


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, love your room decor... i love candles i just ordered more online today.. yay candles

inmyhansonshirt said...

It sounds like you've been so busy with school! These pictures are really cute. Your room looks lovely!

rebeltakipte said...

i hope you can get best result for your exams.

Also i love your room's decoration :)

FidoLand said...

good luck to you exams honey!! you look so sweety even without make-up!! :)

MIRIAM said...

Muchisima suerte en tus examenes ^^

Miriam M. M.

AVY said...

Cute room, cute girl :)

/ Avy

Fabrizia said...

Hi! I found your blog and it’s gorgeous! I like your sense of style!!Nice photos!

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