Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life is full of magic moments!

Hiii you!

I have read this title on the front of the Glamour magazine 'Life is full of magic moments!', and thought yeah it is! There are so much downs in live and sometimes people (including me) thinks that it isn't possible to go forwards. But then when you think about all the magic moment... there comes a smile on the faces.  Only that little thing, THAT one little smile of the one who you love/ who you care about. That moment changes everything. When you going to compile all that happy moment, you will realize that life is full of magic moments! It's really important to believe in that thing that you would to do, it doesn't matter what others think about it. It's about YOU and it's about your life, with all the magic moments !

Remember just the happy moments!

Cardigan: H&M
legging : H&M
shirt: Primark
necklaces: Six
Shoes: Ugg

Till the next time,

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last part =)

Hi everybody,

Im sorry that I haven't post for a long time but I was/am a little sick so I'm not so really in the mood for sitting on the computer =) But I'm now a bit better so I'm ready to send you the last post of my holiday... And then I like the send post about my normally life back. By the way I have bought new boots, I can't wait to show you !

My mom's best friend ( like my aunt) she is a great women. She knows me before I came from my moms tummy =)

Pants: Pieces
Blouse (black): H&M
Blouse (spike) : Zara

The little cousin of my boyfriend, she  choose her clothes by herself. I felt in love when I saw her in the 80's look haha =)

Our last pictures at home

And the last pictures of my trip at the airport. I had a great time, and miss my holiday really. But I have a life what most to go forwards here in Holland.

I hope that you have enjoyed the reading

Shirt : clockhouse
cardigan : unknown
Pants: Pieces
shoes: Minetonka

Till the next time,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Holiday part 3...

Here comes a new part about my holiday =)
The mother of my friend has helped by getting two people together who are married now. The tradition is giving a dowry for 'the helper'. So she got it when I was there. I haven't been grown up with the traditions so it was also really interesting for me.

At a cafe with himmm =)

You can't see the surroundings but it's a beautiful please with a lake around the cafe


We haven't use the flash , as you can see =)

Till the next time..

Shirt: New Look
Pants: Lcw
Coat: Adidas 

With much of loves,,