Saturday, January 14, 2012

My holiday / at the wedding

Hello you =)
I hope that everybody had a nice week. It was a hard week for me this week. It was hard to used to my normally life. I was missing my boyfriend a lot ( I still miss him but that's a other story). I'm almost back in my standard busy life. I have like usually a lot of exams and homework... I will vacation! Haha =P But it's my last year so I most to push trough to pass my school of higher general secondary education. 

Oke now about my vacation in Turkey. I have to much pictures that I want to share so I gonna to divided by parts. I would like to start by the beginning of my holiday and that is on the airport here in Holland (schiphol).

The lovely Christmas decoration at the airport of Amsterdam by the WNF. I really like the Christmas feeling.

Again a little platform decorated for Christmas. I really like the pole with sings with different locations.

Shirt: Primark
Pants: Pieces
Shoes: Minetonka
coat: Zara
Scarf: Polo Garage

I would like to introduce my love of my live. I have earlier posted some photos with him and me together but it was a long time ago so maybe you have forgot it. 

The best bread ever. Firin ekmegi =). I really like the Turkish bread especially when it comes fresh and hot from the backer. So delicious!

The pictures from the wedding.

Grandma of my friend. She is a really lovely and cute woman.

The uncle and aunt of him =) 

We are always making jokes with each other and little discussions who never have endings.

But finally we know from each other that we love each other. I'm really happy with him, I pray every day to thank Allah that I have met him.

The brother of my friend but also my brother! I can have a lot of fun with him =)

It's hardly to believe but he is the one that makes me laugh without a reason. Love is an apart thing.. 

shirt: Park Bravo
Pants: LTB
Shoes: Paris Hilton
Clutch: Steve Madden

The other pictures will coming soon =).
Thank you for reading dear. Have a nice weekend all.
With a much of love.


Anonymous said...

aw such cute pics

inmyhansonshirt said...

These are all really beautiful pictures!

Carolina said...

What a cute couple :)

Honey said...

ai, was für süße bilder.:) total sympatisch!♥

ANGELA said...

Really nice photos!I love your clutch:)You guys are so cute couple;):)Much love

Annie L said...

Looks like an amazing trip! :)
xo Annie

facebook said...

Thats nice to see your picture's and stories. i like it..
Congratulations to your marriage!

Zeynep said...

thank you all for the lovely comments =)
@ facebook... : it's not our marriage haha we went to a marriage of somebody else haha =)

Joyce said...

These are such great pictures, you two are so cute together!

Aysun Karaalioğlu AYS♥STYLE said...

cok mutlu kareler bunlar:))

Konstantine. said...

your hair <3

rebeltakipte said...

saçlarına bayılıyorum , parıl parıl süper görünüyor :)
fotoğraflar da çok güzel :)

khaleesi style said...

Merhaba cnm bende geldim bloguna:) ne tatli bi kizzin sen ole:) sevgiler

Cathy said...

CUte pictures!
Check out my blog?

Küçük Şeyler said...

saclarincok guzel :)
mutluluk hep sizinle olsun :):)
Bu sene havoda son senen mi? Insallah bu seneyi kazasiz belasiz bitirirsin. Son sinavlarin ne kadar zor oldugunu cok iyi bilirim :)
Bende gecen sene vwo bitirdim, bu sene eczacilik okuyorum utrechtte:)
daha fazla karsilasiriz insallah bundan sonra

Bouquet de Fleurs said...

Dügün kombinini begendim tatlim ama saclarina bayildim :)

pembe fiyonk said...

ne güzel bi kızsın sen öyle.... resimler çok güzel hep böyle mutlu olun.