Sunday, January 22, 2012

Holiday part 3...

Here comes a new part about my holiday =)
The mother of my friend has helped by getting two people together who are married now. The tradition is giving a dowry for 'the helper'. So she got it when I was there. I haven't been grown up with the traditions so it was also really interesting for me.

At a cafe with himmm =)

You can't see the surroundings but it's a beautiful please with a lake around the cafe


We haven't use the flash , as you can see =)

Till the next time..

Shirt: New Look
Pants: Lcw
Coat: Adidas 

With much of loves,,


Anonymous said...

lovely photos, you look so happy

u.aydin said...

cok sirinsin.super.sevgilerle.

Dealy said...

Thank you for your comment ;) Made me smile. Nice tradition by the way, I think it is cute.

mollyeeb said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog :)
Your blog is soo cute!


Isabella Vasconcellos said...

Lovely blog!

Xoxo from Rio de Janeiro,

eat the rich said...

cute blog :))) xx

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Fun photos. Looks like you had a great time.


Dark Blue Stripes

Merve Yıldız MY. Fashion said...

canım çok tatlısınız mutluluklar diliyorum . :))

has been a wonderful compilation. I wait.

chfashiontrend said...

ne şirin bir blogger...resimler çok doğal ...takipdeyimmmm...sevgiler

eat the rich said...

sweet blog :D xx