Saturday, December 17, 2011

a little of pink pants

Hi everybody

I have found it out that I have most of the time a busy week. I haven't almost sit on the computer to write a new message... That really bad. I have some news, some great news! I'm going to Turkey this Thursday =) Till Thursday I will try to post so much as I can =)

Of course is that a reason to celebrate =)

   With this delicious stuff 

But I forgot the name of this delicious eat =)

I'm just waiting till the last 6 days gonna finish!!!

Blouse : mango
Jacker: Zara
Pans: LCW
Shoes: NIke

Till the next time besties (my worth of the bests haha) =)

Monday, December 12, 2011

B-day of cousin

Hii my lovely readers,

I hope that all of you had a nice weekend, my weekend was a bit busy but it was not boring =)
Saturday was the birthday of my cousin and he went 6 years old, so we had a little party at home.
The party was well but I was a bit tired of the day before. Without telling that I was tired, it was a successful party. He was really happy with his gifts so it could be not better for him.

There were a lot of balloons on his party, he really like it. He has played a lot of time with them and he still plays with them. Today I have made some photos with the balloons I will show those pictures soon.

The b-day boy is the left one and the right one is the child of my (other) cousin, she is one of the sweeties baby that I know.  No I'm lying she is the sweeties girl (for me of course, even don't know the babies out your live haha)  

 As you can see, he was really happy =D

She never stay still, she always moves with her legs =P

I really like my mothers dress =)
And now some pictures of me.

My cat looks very angry haha

Shoes: 5th avenue
Dress: Mango

Till the next time, with a lot of loves

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Friday night, Christmas gala

Hii everybody,

As is say, I had my gala yesterday night. It was a great party I have really enjoyed. My cousin ( my hero) has help me a lot! She had did my nails, hair and make-up! I like to show your the pictures =)

This was my outfit of yesterday

Getting my shoes on. I had my shoes already but the ankle accessorize are new. You can also use them by ankle boots or something else.

I went to the gala with a good friend of me, Astrid.

We were a little late so we had eat really fast, haha my mouth is like a fish =D

When I was making me ready yesterday, my mom did also her make-up. I asked her 'Mom why are you doing you're make-up?' she looked at my like why you think , smiled and say 'because I want to make a picture with you' =)

I had a great time yesterday!

Dress: River Island
Shoes: 5th avenue
accessorize of my shoes: Sacha
accessorize : h&m ( ring and necklace) , belt is together with the dress

Have a nice weekend all!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Firday prom, my prom dress of last year

Hi sweeties,

Friday, I have my Christmas prom/gala. Here in Holland the prom will given with Christmas every year for the exam-year-students. I have also been on the prom of a friend of my as a launches last year. I would like to show my dress of last year =).

Before the gala =)

I don't know why but I haven't really good photos of my outfit of last year. I have bought a dress for this year in Amsterdam Thursday and I have bought my accessorize today. After Friday I will post my pictures with my new dress/outfit.

Dress: Unknown
Shoes: Paris Hilton
Bag: Steve Madden

Lovely greets to all ,