Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Friday night, Christmas gala

Hii everybody,

As is say, I had my gala yesterday night. It was a great party I have really enjoyed. My cousin ( my hero) has help me a lot! She had did my nails, hair and make-up! I like to show your the pictures =)

This was my outfit of yesterday

Getting my shoes on. I had my shoes already but the ankle accessorize are new. You can also use them by ankle boots or something else.

I went to the gala with a good friend of me, Astrid.

We were a little late so we had eat really fast, haha my mouth is like a fish =D

When I was making me ready yesterday, my mom did also her make-up. I asked her 'Mom why are you doing you're make-up?' she looked at my like why you think , smiled and say 'because I want to make a picture with you' =)

I had a great time yesterday!

Dress: River Island
Shoes: 5th avenue
accessorize of my shoes: Sacha
accessorize : h&m ( ring and necklace) , belt is together with the dress

Have a nice weekend all!


ln said...

Ahww you look stunning, i love especially you ankle accessories. Your mom is adorable for wanting a picture with you haha! Are you guys by any chance half Filipino or something? Gorgeous family! <3
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Anonymous said...

you look beautiful, looks like yo had a great time

Anya adores said...

You look so great:)
Thanks for the comment on my blog - following you now -please follow back :O)
Happy weekend,

gülümse said...

oy oy oy anlaşılan yıkmışsın ortalığı kuzuuuuu

Wear A Smile! said...

elbiseni çok beğendim canım.. o kolyeyi ise burada çok aradım ama bulamadım maalesef.. :(
öpüyorum çok.. :)

Dolly said...

you girls look fabolous!
Dolly, xo
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Bolat said...

Zeynep, çok şık ve güzel olmuşsun :) ben yılbaşı ağacını yarın süslemeye başlayacağım :)

Raquel said...

You look amazing!! It looks like you had fun :D*

Thanks for your comment*

inmyhansonshirt said...

This looks like a really fun time! And you look so so gorgeous! That dress is BEAUTIFUL and your makeup is lovely!

Aida said...

You look beautiful!!

MIRIAM said...

Estas rompedora!!

Miriam M. M.

Bonnie said...

Your dress is all kinds of gorgeous! You are looking beautiful. :)
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Sammie said...

you look fabulous in that dress
your make up and hair is super pretty :)


Helena said...

I love you dress :)


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

You looking gorgeous.

Annie L said...

Stunning. Love the detailing on the dress and amazing necklace.

minikkus said...

vuuuuu beybi ne güzel olmuşsun, elbisen çok hoş!

Ana said...

I like so much your outfit, it's great!:)

civciv said...

harikasinnn ! elbisen cok yakismis.. makyajina bayildim <3