Monday, January 21, 2013

Back again?

Hiii guys!

I'm sorry I haven't wrote massages for a while.... But I have good reasons for it , I was to busy whit setting my life on rails.There have been happened a lot in my life. Now I am no longer more together with my ex bf but I am happy with it. Need to go further with my life. It was a kid love story but now we are getting grown ups I believe. I have met a lot of new people the last couple of months.  Now I am student at Hogeschool van Amsterdam and studying International Business and Management studies as I had desired. And I have a puppy! He is born at 22 april 2012 and now 9 months old. It's an American staffy w/ Rottweiler =D its a huge beast and my baby =)

I hope that I can make time for blogging cuz I missed it, I have also a question..
What's better

  • making a new blog account
  • Get this one updated 
Probably it will the second choice but not sure yet, I would like to hear your opinion =)

This is my baby =) 

 And this is me as you probably can remember =)

Can't wait of hearing from you!

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the creation of beauty is art. said...

Glad that you're back. Breakups can be tough but it sounds that you are handling things well and trying to improve your life :)

laura osuna said...

I loved your blog and your dog ;) follow you.

Zeynep said...

@the creation of beauty is art : thank you you will hear more soon =)

&thanks laura!

Daria Balcer said...

wow !! your dog is lovely ;)))

Greetings from Poland :*

Anonymous said...

Tu blog me encanta, tu perro es genial!!!

Melislicious said...

çok cici bir köpek!
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