Saturday, September 24, 2011

back again

Hi everybody!!

After a long time im back =), so i was actually al ready back but i was a long time to busy tha i had a break for blogger.

My holiday, how it was? It was really great!! Evrything is a lot of better than being in a country where's alway raining. So i will give you a short roster of my holiday =)

first week : Bodrum (Turkey)
three days: Istanbul (Turkey)
one week:  Shumen (Bulgaria)
approximately 1 month: Istanbul (Turkey)

I cant tell you evertyhing in one message so, it will be in 3parts.


It's just not to define but it was really great! I was in a beautiful hotel wat calls Latanya.

I have also visted the city of Bodrum. It was a really nice pleace with a lot of lovely people. The architecting of the cirty was amazing, it was old and it made me happy. I have bought a sailors cap. An everybody says to me : Ai ai captain, hahahah

dress: coton, shoes: tommy hilfiger

I had made good contact with the animation (some of them are still my friends). I was really active ( for my doing) on holiday, so have I participated a lot of activities like dancing

bikini: new yorker, bikini over dress, flip flops: h&m 

Activieties in the swimming pool... Where I'm falling in the water 

And I was also the winner of the miss competition. (Grrrrrr)

I have met a lot of great people there, that I never want to forget like this girls

And also this people with who I have seated almost every night.

So this was a short summary of my holiday in Bodrum. I will never forget this great time! And then was the time to end this Holiday. On the last picture I was waiting for the airplane.

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