Friday, September 30, 2011

Playing in the wood =)

Yesterday came a good friend of me to me. We went to the wood, on the front of my home and made some pictures. It was great to be with her. The weather is really good in Holland for a littel periode. It's since monday good weather and it will stay till sunday says the weather man =)



Sometimes it feels nice to go back in 
the past. Just remember your childhood and don't think about worries. I would that the live can be like as this littel moment

Jumpsuite:  we
Braclet: bazaar in Istanbul
Shoes: random shop in Bulgaria
Cardigan: Ibiza


ANGELA said...

So beautiful photos...I'm sure you had a great time!Thank you for your comment:)I like your blog so if you want we can follow each other...(i was too in Turkey for my holidays!)

martienn said...

ouuu great pictures ;D
i like it !!

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Anna Bonfiglio said...

Your blog is so cute and I follow you :)
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The yellow ball

stella lee said...

look so fun!
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Vicky said...

Cuuuute. Come and visit my blog! xx

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