Sunday, September 25, 2011

Holiday (part 2)

Shumen/village of Shumen : Bulgaria 

I have been one week in Bulgaria with my mother. I went to my grandma and -pa, aunt and her husband, my uncle and her wife and my two cousines. The biggest part of me time with my mom I was in the city and the other part I wass in the village. It was really nice to saw my family again after one year. We went to Bulgaria from Turkey with the buss and when we were arivved in our village it was like 6 o'clock in the morning.

The tomatoes in our garden are delicious .

My grandma and my aunt collect every summer fruit, then they put the fruit and sugar in a jar. When they have close the jars they took them and put the jars in a very big cooker and cooks them.  At this picture you can see the finality and it taste  very and very delicious.

This is my grand sitting on the front of our house. The grandma's of the hole village comes a lot of time together and they just gossiping the hole day about the things of the village (hahaha) it can be very funny to listing to them.

This is our littel neighbor. She is growing up with two older brothers, she is just liking a boy. She is a sweet girl every time when I see her something hurts in me.  This girl is just my crazy and lovely neighbor in Bulgaria.

top : primark, skirt: LCW

And ofcourse the animals of the village =). This pictures are made in the village of my aunt. Where i had found babey bunnies.

and a babey mandate

top : Mango, Pants : pieces, shoes: from vintage shop in Shumen 

 My lovely mom =)

We stopped on the road from the village to the city and made pictures of the beautiful hills.


In the city

 Hard working on the field.

My uncle hahahahha.

top: Mango, Short: winmax, shoes: primark

We went to my mother's friends. I think that they have a garden like the heaven !

My mom's aunt and his wife. She is making a floor covering with corn husks.

This was my holiday in Bulgaria.


Bolat said...

İşte olay budur, şimdi kendimi kıra bayıra vurasım, domates tarlasına koşasım geldi. Vay bee, ne güzel bir memleketin varmış. Bana çok uzak bunlar Zeynep :(

Natalie Leung said...

wow your holiday looks so great, and what cute animals!!


Zeynep said...

Bolat: Hayallerinin pesinden gitmelisin bence bana uzak diyip bir kenara koyarak sadece kendini uzersin =(

Nathalie: thank you =)

easteuropeanstyle said...

love the photos!i 'm from romania and i think bulgaria is similar to romania.

Ancia said...

Looks like you had a great time with your family there.
Thank you for your chamring comment on ym blog by the way!
X, Ancia

Zeynep said...

easteuropeanstyle: i have been in your country, youre right its almost the same =)

Ancia: yes, I had a really good time

Anonymous said...

ay o domates bahcesindeki foto birde cicek bahcedeki foto süperler ne güzel olmus : )

gözde'nin gözünden said...

domatesler beni benden aldı yeminle..öyle hasretizki buralarda böyle domateslere

Salha said...

Such a lovely pictures! :)

P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime!